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photoPlastic Surgery by Dr. Charu Sharma New DelhiPlastic Surgery is derived from Greek word “plastikos” which means “to mould“.
Plastic surgery Plastic surgery helps to mould any disfigured part of the body. Any physical disfigurement, whether from birth or acquired later, leaves behind a mental and emotional scar too. Till a few years back, this curse of ugliness was considered an unavoidable life-long stigma. But in today’s modern era, unattractiveness cannot be accepted as a curse and aged look is no longer considered as a sign of wisdom.

Aesthetic surgery, a surgical science to beautify one’s appearance (popularly known as cosmetic surgery), has developed to a stage where it can now dare to give finishing touches to god’s most beautiful creation-the human body. But unfortunately most of us remain ignorant to what wonders the art of cosmetic surgery can do.

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MBBS, MS (GENERAL SURGERY) Mch (Plastic Surgery) Gold medalist
BURNS, PLASTIC & COSMETIC SURGEON. Formerly Senior Resident at Apollo & Safdarjung Hospital Recipient of: Rajdhani Ratna, Mahila Gaurav awards, Presently Consultant Plastic Surgeon at various renowned hospitals.

Hair Transplant

Male baldness is a common problem starting around the third decade of life.

Baldness occurs due to permanent loss of hair roots. No amount of oil , massage or medicines can put life back into the dead roots. Hair transplant (HT) offers a scientific solution by implanting new hair roots.

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Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynaecomastia)

Gynecomastia, or excess development of breast tissue, occurs in as many as 40-60% of men. This condition can cause extreme embarrassment, social inhibition and self-consciousness for boys and men who suffer from it.

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Breast Augmentation (Enlargement)

This is done to enlarge an underdeveloped breast or breast that become small and loose after child birth.

A silicone or saline implant is placed behind the muscle of breast tissue. Implant is placed through incision in axilla, below the breast or areola (dark skin around the nipple), usually leaving behind no evident tell-tale signs.

Breast augmentation is performed to balance a difference in breast size, improve body contour or as a post-surgery reconstructive technique. Silicone shells filled with saline solution are implanted either directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle, giving breasts a fuller and more natural contour.

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The response to various slimming programmers, capsules and oils etc. is very unpredictable.

The benefits , if and when present , are usually transient as one can’t stick to such stringent programmers for a lifetime resulting in rebound weight gain , which may even be worse than the original shape. On the other hand , liposuction’s principle of extraction of adipose (fat) tissue from the body offers one-time cure by eliminating the very source of obesity. In liposuction, fat is removed from an area by using cannula connected to a suction machine. The tips are blunt.

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