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Breast Lift Surgery / Breast Implant / Breast Firming / Mastopexy

Breasts mark the very epicenter of a woman’s statuesque body. Therefore a woman’s ambition of absolute physical exquisiteness can never be accomplished till her rounded assets achieve a curvaceous size and shape. Shapely breasts are makers of feminism which every woman cherishes.

Breast surgery can carve out breasts of desired contour, shape, and size to quench one’s sense of perfection. The metamorphosis by cosmetic surgery can be either way augmentation or reduction. Big and firm breasts have been considered the most important feature in a woman’s body for centuries. With plastic surgery gaining its popularity, a number of women are indulging in Breast Augmentation surgery for that perfect shape. Gorgeous Looks, Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is amongst the few dedicated centers offering personalized aesthetic care. Breast augmentation, also known as breast enhancement or augmentation mammoplasty. It is the surgical placement of breast implants to increase the size and projection of the breasts or to improve symmetry. Breast augmentation is a tremendous help cosmetically to women who desire a fuller profile. One who has lost breast volume due to pregnancy and desires correction of an underlying asymmetry. Breast Augmentation will increase overall breast volume if your breasts have a normal shape but are smaller than you prefer. Breast implants can also be used to enhance breast shape. It contours after pregnancy and nursing where the upper pole tends to flatten out. If your breasts are unequal, breast augmentation can improve symmetry.

Breast Reduction Surgery, technically called reduction mammoplasty. It is usually performed for physical relief rather than for cosmetic reasons. This procedure involves the removal of excess breast tissue to reshape. It lifts the breasts and gives a contoured & attractive appearance to heavy droopy breasts.

Benefits of the surgery
shapely, contoured & tightened breasts along with increased comfort in the upper back, neck, and shoulders; less shoulder pressure from bra straps; increased ability to exercise and participate in physical activities; and a more positive self-image. The surgery may also help you breathe and sleep easier. The surgery results in a high satisfaction rate among women. The surgeon removes fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the lower part of the breast. The nipple is then moved upwards and the tissues closed to form a smaller breast. The surgery usually takes almost three hours. Nowadays fractional lasers for scars are done post-operatively for scar removal.

A breast lift (mastopexy) is indicated when the breasts have lost their youthful volume, the skin has become stretched and saggy, and the nipples have drooped. This is quite frequently the case after pregnancies or significant weight loss.

During mastopexy, excessive skin is removed, the breast gland is lifted and the breast is newly shaped in order to harmonize the appearance of the whole body.

The procedure takes from one to two hours, with either local or general anesthesia. It is usually done in a day-only visit to either a clinic or hospital. Many women return to work after 1-2 days.

You have probably heard a lot of things about breast implants. However, many of the things that you have heard are not true. Below are some of the myths and facts about Breast Implants:
Myth: In general, silicone products are not safe for use in the body.
Fact: Silicone is used safely in the body in many medical devices and products, including pacemakers, heart valves, artificial joints, and baby pacifiers.

Myth: Silicone gel breast implants rupture during activities such as daily exercise or routine mammography.
Fact: It is unlikely that a silicone gel breast implant would rupture during routine physical activity or a routine mammogram. Today’s US FDA-approved implants have a thicker shell, which contains an additional barrier layer that is distinct from earlier breast implant devices and is designed to withstand more than 25 times the force of a normal mammogram without failure.

Myth: Scars will always be visible.
Fact: Today, there are many different types of incisions used for breast surgery. Many of these incisions are performed in areas of the body that allow potential scars to be hidden effectively. No longer do women with implants have to suffer from unsightly scars. Most incision lines can’t be seen, even when the woman is wearing a bathing suit. Nowadays with fractional CO2 laser treatment & proper patient compliance women with implants no longer suffer from unsightly scars.

Myth: Every Product has same quality.
Fact: Like you choose your Breast Surgeon on the basis of merit, certification, and experience, the product which is being used should also hold the same authenticity and trust. It should be clinically checked and FDA proved. Using fine-quality products will give you the best result.

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During mastopexy, excessive skin is removed, the breast gland is lifted and the breast is newly shaped in order to harmonize the appearance of the whole body.
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