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Any deformity, whether congenital or acquired, creates not only an unacceptable physical disfigurement but also a deep emotional & mental scar. This can only be understood by a person who has been actually affected or the near & dear ones. Most such people gradually learn to live with it, resigning to their fate with a sigh of resentful defeat. Its so ironical & unfortunate that they are unaware of a possible end to all their miseries – both physical & emotional.

Plastic surgeons had only ‘Grafting’ to offer to such people as a possible way of reducing their disfigurement. This technique involves transferring an area of skin from a healthy region to the affected region. The major flaw with this is that there would be an obvious mismatch in color & texture from the surrounding skin.Leave aside the general population, even most doctors still equate Plastic surgery to Grafting.But there are more refined techniques now available in the armamentorium of Plastic surgeons.Dr Charu Sharma specifically has a vast experience & expertise in such techniques, specially Tissue Expansion, which gives one of the best results. It does away with most of the drawbacks of Grafting.There is a complete match with the surrounding skin. There are no or minimal tell tale signs of any procedure having been done. Its usually done in 2 to 3 stages, each of them being performed as a day care procedure. The person can go back home the same day without any requirement of prolonged hospitalization.

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