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Obesity & Liposuction

Obesity & Liposuction / Arm Shaping Surgery / Reduction of Waist Size

Obesity, with its inherent vulnerable to a myriad of ailments in the long run. However, in the short run, even before chronic medical diseases catch up, being fat lumps & bumps, is a dreaded condition which most of us abhor. Being fat makes you makes you ‘look’ and ‘feel’ bad. Teenagers and young adults, specially females, bear the maximum brunt of ridicule from their peers, often becoming objects of sneer & scorn. J K Rowling, the famous writer, has rightly observed, “ ‘Fat’ is usually the first insult a girl throws at another girl”. Whatever the age group, lumps of unwanted adipose tissue not only reduce one’s appeal but also give an air of ncompetence, ineffectiveness and ineptness. Reducing the intake of food and burning it with physical exercise is undoubtedly the most effective way of combating obesity and its complications.

But there are two important limitations to this golden rule which have limited our fight against obesity, allowing it to become an epidemic.

First & foremost, initiating and more importantly maintaining a strict dieting and exercising schedule is a Herculean task for most. People usually get caught in the vicious cycle of spurts of dieting exercising programs inability to sustain such stringent schedule for long binge eating rebound weight gain. Jane Wyner’s , the famous writer – producer, quote sums up this common phenomenon, “I have gained and lost the same 20 pounds so many times over, my adipose tissue must be having Dèja vu” Second, obesity is not only due to intake-output imbalance.

Accordingly, treatment of obesity cannot be limited to merely a reversal of this imbalance. According to NHLBI and National Institute of Health, U.S.A, obesity is due to at least 10 more causes in addition to input-output imbalance – namely genetic factors, medical disorders, such as thyroid, Cushing’s disease, environmental causes and certain medications etc.

Therefore, in addition to diet exercise, an ideal strategy to resist an expand waist line & to eliminate obesity would be to reduce number of fat cells to minimum. Liposuction, also called lipoplasty (fat modeling), works on this very principle. Advances in technique and technology in the past 30 years have resulted in more fat cells being removed more easily in lesser time with lesser discomfort. The procedure may be performed under local , regional or general anesthesia. Newer modalities include ultrasound assisted liposuction, power assisted liposuction and laser liposuction etc. The latest technique is ultrasound assisted liposuction with Lysonix. The tumescent technique eliminates the need for GA and also minimizes blood loss in the liposuction aspirate. The breach of skin is only a few mm in diameter, eliminating the need for elaborate bandaging or sutures. A compression garment is worn under the clothes for a couple of weeks.

Depending on the extent of liposuction, patients are usually discharged after a couple of hours observation and generally return to work in a couple of days. The final result is best appreciated after a couple of weeks as the accompanying edema subsides. The suctioned fat cells are permanently eliminated from the body. However, if a person goes back to binge eating, neighboring fat cells could still enlarge in a minority, creating irregularities on the surface. Minor possible side effects such as bruising, swelling or local pain are transient. Complications such as infection, fluid imbalance or damage to the skin are very rare, if done by an experienced Plastic Surgeon in proper settings. It has been rightly pointed out that the choice of a “quality” surgeon is the primary determinant of a “quality” result. One can easily be misled in this era of fancy advertisements and tall claims. Therefore, it is
prudent to check the credentials, the degrees and the experience of the actual operating surgeon, instead of being lured by photos of eye-catching models or extravagant interiors of a posh center.

The rising awareness and popularity of liposuction has earned it the reputation of “King of cosmetic surgery procedures”. According to statistics published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery in 2011, almost one and a half million people underwent this procedure that year, making it the commonest plastic surgery procedure performed. A rise of almost three fold was noticed from 2006 to 2011. Most often liposuction is performed on the arms, abdomen , butt and thighs in women and the chest, abdomen and flanks in men. Very delicate areas like cheeks, chin and neck can also be tackled by newer advanced techniques such as Lysonix Ultrasonix (safer than conventional ultrasonic VASER). Gynecomastia or male breasts, a mark of immense embarrassment, can be corrected by Ultrasonic Liposculpt with glandular excision.

Main benefits of liposuction include improved health associated with fat loss, reduction in appearance of cellulite and disappearance of localized resistant fat. There are other indirect and inapparent, but not unimportant, benefits. Attaining a firmer contour prompts people to lead a fuller life and they start undertaking activities that they had previously shied away from.

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Obesity & Liposution - Liposuction surgery in Delhi, Obesity & Liposuction / Arm Shaping Surgery / Reduction of Waist Size
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First & foremost, initiating and more importantly maintaining a strict dieting and exercising schedule is a Herculean task for most. People usually get caught in the vicious cycle of spurts of dieting exercising programs.
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